Wish you had more time to do the thing you really love?

I think it’s time to outsource girlfriend!

One of the best ways to free up your plate to do what you do best, is to let someone else help you with the creative legwork!

That’s where I come in! Not only do I love encouraging women entrepreneurs to fearlessly chase their dreams with amazing free content like this blog and The Fearless Chase Podcast, but I love jumping into your journey and helping you physically reach your dreams through my Virtual Assistance Program.

What I’ve found to be one of my superpowers is being able to tangibly help women by taking busywork off their plate so that they can pursue their purpose with a clear mind, and clear schedule.


Ready to pursue your purpose from a place of grace and rest?

I’ve found that so many entrepreneurs girlfriends know where they’re at, they’re fired up about where they’re going, but they get overwhelmed of how to get there! I’d love to take your hand and walk with you through chasing your dreams! What you’ll find is that anything creative is my sweet spot. By handing over your busy content creation work to me, you can get back to what you do best with peace of mind knowing that someone just as passionate as you are is taking care of the rest.

Here are some options you can include within your monthly hours:

✓ Monthly strategy video chats to ensure that we’re working towards the same goals and making them a reality

✓ Content creation

✓ Marketing research for your specific ideal client and niche

✓ Social Media Management

It has been an absolute pleasure working with Madison. I brought her in to help manage my social media and from day one she has been on top of it. I also really appreciate that she doesn’t just take the info I give her - she is always offering ways to improve what I’m doing and strategizing with me to grow my business. I feel like there’s no task I can give her that she won’t give 110% to. I’m so lucky to have her in my business!
— Meg K Wheeler, Entrepreneur + Business Consultant

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