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Want to fearlessly chase your dreams from a place of rest and grace instead of hustle and stress?

Madison Anaya The Fearless Chase Podcast

We help women by providing content that motivates, encourages, and inspires them to pursue their passion and live life with purpose.  


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Join us each week for an encouraging message, full of tangible steps on how to fearlessly chase your dreams.


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Madison Anaya The Fearless Chase Podcast

Hey there, I’m Madison

Most days you can find me on Target dates with my middle-school boyfriend turned husband, Alex, with an iced chai-tea latte in hand.

I’m mostly known for hosting the podcast, The Fearless Chase, which is all about learning to fearlessly chase your dreams like your life depends on it-because let’s be honest it does. People often refer to me as a fiery motivator.

I love serving the world by encouraging and inspiring women to pursue their purpose. The things I’m most passionate about in life are loving people, humor, and cuddling my fur-babies whenever possible.

I serve creatives, dreamers, and doers who want to step into who they were made to be. 


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Madison Anaya The Fearless Chase Podcast