How to Finish Writing Your Book and Get it Published

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Hey guys, today I am talking with Amber Olafsson. Amber is a wife, mama, Bible teacher, publisher, and author of the book: THE AWESOME ONE. She is passionate about connecting people to God and as the owner (and dreamer) of UNITED HOUSE Publishing, helps others find their voice and publish their stories. She lives with her husband Andrew and three energetic kids, near Charlotte, NC. When she's not sipping a hot cup of craft coffee—which, to be honest, is multiple times throughout the day (she likes her coffee)—and reading a good book, she enjoys traveling and making memories with her family, gardening, decorating, and spending time at the feet of Jesus.

Today we’re diving into what it really looks like to write a book and become a published author. If you’ve ever had a dream of being a write, this one is for you!

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