How to Build a Team for Your Dreams and Visions


How to Build a Team for Your Dreams and Visions

with Angela Mooney

Joining in on the vision should be fun. When people walk away from each event, they should be left wanting more.

The key to building a team is keeping things a non-pressure situation. Listen to the things people love to do and find a way to get them involved using those gifts. Do life with people on their terms instead of asking them to do it on yours.

Find ways to relate to people on a foundational level and meet them there.

Keep in mind that things will sometimes turn out completely different than you imagined, but that it can be just as exciting-if not more!

Keeping a community around you is so important because you will have low days. Reach out on the days that you need encouragement. You’re not going to be super positive every day of your life. Your community is there to bring you back.

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Don’t worry, they’re all too busy and worried about themselves with themselves to notice you and what you’re insecure about.

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