Madison Anaya The Fearless Chase Podcast

Let’s take it back a few years…

I should have known that the little girl who climbed to the top of the “star leaf tree” would soon be chasing fearless and encouraging others to join her. I wasn’t always this fearless. Somewhere along the lines I became afraid of everything. I was a girl with big dreams, stuck in analysis paralysis. What would they think of me? What if I fail?

But then it hit me…

God didn’t put these strong desires in my heart just to take orders from fear. He placed them inside of me to make waves!

Fast-forward to today…

I have decided to ditch the idea that fear can hold me back and have chosen to fearlessly chase my dreams like my life depends on it, because let’s be honest, it does! Don't get me wrong, there are still days where I feel like I am drowning in fear, but by the grace of God,

“She became fearless by learning to fear less.”

Alex Anaya Husband of Madison Anaya The Fearless Chase
Alex and Madison Anaya The Fearless Chase Podcast

My Values


Community Over Competition

Scarcity in success is a lie and comparison is the theif of joy. There is room for everyone at the table. If we run out of space, we will tack on another table.


Rest + Grace Over Hustle

Burnout is the reason most of our dreams are left behind before they even have a chance to flourish. Learning to work from a place of rest and grace is what will give you lasting success.


Relationship Over Religion

No matter what you believe you are accepted here. Jesus is so heavily threaded in my story and he is about relationships, not rules. I believe the same way. Come as you are!

Meet the Anaya’s


Madison Anaya


Alex Anaya

Where it all began

Back in 8th grade when wearing too much eyeliner and not knowing a lick of how to do your hair was a thing, I met my sweet husband. Marrying the man you started to date when you were 14 means that you have been through every awkward and psycho teenage stage there is.

After one solid month of loving the cutest boy at church, I told my dad I wanted him to meet him. His response involved staring from a far and handing Alex a note of requirements to be mailed within a week. The list included a letter about him from his pastor and mom, his last report card, his personal identification information and it all had to be mailed within a week!

I hounded our pastor every day in tears explaining that I needed that letter. When we were twenty-one, that pastor married us, and we’ve been taking on life together ever since!